We help people of all ages recover from their injuries and manage their pain, so they can get back to doing the things they love without having to rely on painkillers or frequent doctor visits!

We are NOT a patient factory.

Spineapple therapists always treat their patients 1-on-1. We do not share your allocated time with other patients and you get the maximum attention you deserve.

1-on-1 Care at your convenient place and time

Spineapple VS Outpatient Clinics

We provide better care by our qualified therapists at your convenience

  Tired of sharing your therapist’s attention with other patients? At Spineapple, our therapy services are always one-on-one and at no extra cost. We believe the best recovery comes from the best care, which is why we focus on each patient a
  Spineapple has partnered with local gyms to offer onsite consultation as well as ongoing physical therapy. So you can work on those aches and pains, and then go onto your work-out or relax in the sauna. And you have access to advanced exercise e
Our experienced, certified therapists are available when you need them – including early mornings, evenings and weekends -- so we fit into your schedule instead of making you try to fit into ours.
Our online booking system makes it easy to schedule an appointment at the time and location that works for you. And you can pick or switch therapists so you have the best fit for you.
Want to do exercises by yourself?  We provide videos of exercises that you can easily follow at your convenience to speed up your recovery.
All our therapists are pre-screened, certified and licensed, and go through background checks so you know you are in good hands.

Physical Therapy On-Demand, by your neighborhood therapists.

Find your Physical Therapist Below

Thousands of patients Spineapple

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Spineapple gave me 1-1 attention and the therapist was there for me during every step of my recovery. I would recommend them to my family and friends. They took my insurance and made it easy on my billing.  

- Joyce.

Being an OT, my shoulder was off. I work in shifts, Spineapple therapist came to my home for my therapy Sessions, and they made it convenient for me to keep up with my recovery. Same copay made it no Brainer.

- Syed.

with kids and work, it was difficult to leave home but my therapist came to our home and made it easy. Therapist was very Patient and helped me with my exercises.  I would recommend Spineapple.

- Patricia.

Spineapple made it easy to get my pt. care and they gave me clear details on my out of pocket costs. They were very attentive to my exercises and it helped me to recover faster.

- Jay.

I threw my back and was in a lot of pain. Spine apple reworked their existing appointment on the same day.

- Samira.

PT Paid attention to my each exercise and they motivated me to complete my exercises along the way. I paid same copay  and it saved me time.

- Hassan.

They  came  to me on Saturdays and it was easy for me to keep up with my appoinments . The PT was Highly Knowledgeable  and answered My questions in  detail . Easy and no extra Cost.

- Marry.

Use insurance

No matter how you pay for treatment, there’s no prescription required to start.

Commercial insurance

Same co-pay

Personal Insurance, all major insurances accepted.  # Same Co-Pay



$0 per visit

Medicare 0$, You may pay nothing if you have a secondary coverage 



$125 per visit

No Insurance? Flat Rate $125 per visit Billed only after your visit


To instantly verify benefits in 30 seconds or less:

Call 313-467-2196

Frequently asked questions

SpineApple is a Michigan based company serving Detroit and surrounding areas.

We accept and work with all major insurances.  You will just your pay your copay.  Call us to verify your benefits today. 

Referrals aren’t typically needed. If you need one, we will let you know.

We will work with your availability and convenience to schedule an appointment ASAP.  Rarely same day appointments may be possible.

Yes, you and your PT will decide schedule of your treatment. 

Yes, you can you can also contact us if you want to change your current PT.

Why on-demand physical therapy is better

More convenience means our patients actually complete their care plans.

See our clinic comparison chart.

1:1 personalized

45-55 minutes of dedicated care means faster recovery in fewer treatments.

Necessary equipment

Your PT will bring a treatment table and a mobile kit. 90% of cases don't need heavy machines.

Safe and convenient

Skip the clinic with no added fees. Spineapple is covered by insurance and is safely delivered to you on your schedule.



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