We help people of all ages recover from their injuries and manage their pain, so they can get back to doing the things they love without having to rely on painkillers or frequent doctor visits!

About Spineapple

Two years ago, I felt an intense pain in my right elbow. After being an active person involved in lots of physical activity, a trusted doctor diagnosed me with a condition called Tennis Elbow, where the connecting tissues between my forearm muscles and elbow were inflamed. It was time for a quick steroid injection and a stop at a local physical therapy clinic, luckily just down the road, where I asked for an appointment. This is where things got a little tricky.

My initial thoughts were how convenient this could be for me. However, nothing could be further from the truth. They did not have the availability to meet the needs of a working professional. Some days I found myself forced to choose between work or therapy. It went as far as me missing meetings just to accommodate these sessions. It was then I learned that therapists were often forced into contingency, where they had to travel between locations just to get steady work. All this travel means less time working with patients like myself, and therefore less convenience for the people who need them most.

Once I finally got into my sessions, I noticed how heavy the work loads were. With 5-6 patients around me, I only saw 1-2 therapists and assistants tending to their needs. For all the money that I was paying for my co-pays and hidden costs, I wasn't getting my money’s worth. The attention was inadequate and not at the fault of the therapists who were only doing as much as they could given their work conditions. My symptoms were not improving and I was still living in pain. All this trouble for what? I knew something had to change. I had to stop wasting my money and time.

Eventually, I went to a local fitness center and performed the same exercises taught to me. With more time and amenities, I started to think hard about the situation. How useful would an on-site physical therapist be for people like myself? Despite the fact that I've never worked in healthcare, I knew that my background as a technology professional would prove to be beneficial. With my skills, I could solve these issues so people can receive their much needed treatment and therapists can finally make a better living.

Our platform was developed to connect the patient to the therapist in a better setting. No more paying precious dollars for something that won’t return results. Instead, you can now utilize the therapy you need at your local fitness center on-demand at your own convenience.

So, Spineapple was born.


Venk Dhanapal

CEO, spineapple.com


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