Back pain

Do you know what the reply comes when we ask our patients about their pain?
It's like "no, I must have slept on it in the wrong way, but I experienced a worst ache and pain. But it has been bothering me for a week."
The most common reasons are like sprains, strains, injuries, poor lifting techniques or sometimes due to sitting improperly for a prolonged period of time.
Back/Lumbar stability is mostly dependent on strengthening the core muscles of the body (abdominal, lower back muscles).
The abdominal muscles provide initial anterior (frontal) support to the spine, while the lower back muscles provide posterior (back) support.
Creating a strong "belt" around the spine relieves stress on the discs and joints.
Our Physical therapists are expert in finding out the actual cause of your back pain, which may include poor spinal coordination or muscle weakness. 

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