why join spineapple

How is Spineapple different than opportunities provided by other hospitals / clinics?

Our platform and business model revolves around you the therapist and the patient.

How does Spineapple make this happen?


I have discovered facilities that employ physical and occupational therapists for outpatient, in home, and in patient , not all of them were full time opportunities , with most working as a contingent resource.
I have a friend who worked in downtown Detroit. His contingent status had him driving around 40+ miles just to reach his next job location. This is a poor working model for passionate employees who seek to further their careers. When work-life balance is non-existent, the productivity output diminishes.



We market you and your services under Spineapple. By marketing your services directly to our patients, you enjoy the name recognition you deserve.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for a discussion.

Contact Email: dearspineapple@spineapple.com or venk.dhanapal@spineapple.com


Career Growth:

Spineapple invests in its therapist, and promotes you as well as your services directly to our valued patients. Under Spineapple, you work your own practice. We provide investment, marketing, business development, collaboration, billing, and credentialing services.


Financial Stability:

There is no contingent or tenure employment. You have the pliancy to work as many hours as you prefer. Eliminating lay-offs contributes to a stable work environment and allows you to pursue work opportunities freely. We provide more incentives in the way of bonuses to enhance your finances.


Work Life Balance:

Self-scheduling has a magnitude of benefits, and our platform emphasizes them all. The therapist gets to choose their time, place, and hours of work. This offers flexibility and breathing room to achieve personal goals.