Pre Surgical Rehab

Pre-surgical rehab is gaining popularity in the community of surgical and physical therapy communities day by day.
Pre-surgical therapy is a treatment program that is generally designed by a therapist to help the patients to achieve greater outcomes after their surgery.
Most commonly for the patients who have pre-planned joint replacements or other any kind of reparative operations, pre-surgical rehabilitation consistently helps them to reduce the time and challenges of post-surgical rehab. 
Mainly Pre-surgical therapies are often done for those undergoing surgery for rotator cuff, hip, shoulder and ACL reconstructions. 
Have you also got ready for surgery? Pre-surgical rehabilitation with the help of our experts will help you to regain some of your lost activities as well as heal more quickly after your operation or surgery.
Don't delay, call on Spineapple and let the team set an appointment for pre-surgical therapy.
Additionally, we will educate you about the procedure and how to prepare before the surgery.

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