Sports Injury

Most commonly when someone accidentally twists or overextends a joint then the muscles and tendons can tear.
And as a result of this, the overextending of these muscles can cause strain.
If accidentally the ligaments tear then it may result in a severe sprain.
Like as Tendinosis, an overuse syndrome, happens when certain joints in the body are overused.
When these parts become overworked then dysfunction and pain come as a result. 
 Most common names related to Tendinosis are Golfer's elbow, Tennis elbow etc. Other most common injuries are like sprains, strains, knee injuries, fractures and dislocations. 
Do you believe physical therapy can help people to rebuild strength and movements in parts of their body? Of course, only physical therapy can manage pain and prevent permanent damage and recurring problems.
The therapists, Spineapple provides, teach with exercises, stretches and techniques using specialized types of equipment to address problems.

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