Dr.Ashesh Vyas

Physical Therapists (PT) |

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Troy MI US


I have six years of experience working in an outpatient physical therapy clinic, treating patients with orthopedic conditions, pre or post-surgical cases and specializes in manual therapy techniques that include the Mulligan technique that allows patients to improve mobility without pain and overcome musculoskeletal impairments. I am a certified LSVT BIG certified practitioner. LSVT BIG is a specialized protocol to treat functional impairment in patients with movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease. I also have knowledge on Vestibular rehabilitation and has successfully treated patients experiencing vertigo due to vestibular disorders. Unlike the general belief of “no pain, no gain”, I believe that the pain is the distress signal from the body to the mind regarding possible injury, and should never be avoided while performing any functional activities as well as exercises. As Being a physical therapist, I have expertise in utilizing physical therapy interventions not only to treat musculoskeletal injuries but also to improve quality of life by assuring the return to work or improving functional mobility. I am also specialized in providing fall risk assessments and address underlying dysfunction to lower the risk of falls in older adults. I earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (2017) from the University of Michigan-Flint. Call me for a free consultation !!

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